2017/5/30-6/1 2017 Computex-InnoVEX展-創新快製媒合活動


2017 InnoVEX展期即將開幕,

今年TRIPLE將在5月30日~6月1日參加於世貿3館所辦理的2017 computex-InnoVEX,「TRIPLE國際體驗館」攤位為G0242,我們安排來自國內外TRIPLE合作夥伴共襄盛舉,也將在展位上進行各項需求的媒合洽談,歡迎您蒞臨指導。

2017 InnoVEX論壇將於5月30日盛大登場,論壇主題將專注在新創生態圈、人工智慧、深度學習、物聯網、數位經濟及科技政策議題,將邀請國際知名企業代表及講師分享在相關領域的見解!

相關訊息可參考 http://innovex.computex.biz


Dear TRIPLE Startup Member & Partner,

2017 InnoVEX exhibition is coming soon.

This year, TRIPLE will participate in the COMPUTX-InnoVEX 2017 taking place in the Hall 3 of the World Trade Center on May 30 - June 1. The "TRIPLE International Experience Pavilion", situated in booth G0242, will accommodate TRIPLE's partners from around the globe. We will also carry out matchmaking for various needs in the booth, and you are cordially invited to visit us.

The 2017 InnoVEX Forum will be held on May 30. The theme of the Forum will be focusing on the startup ecosystem, artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT, digital economy and issues related to technology policies. Internationally renowned corporate representatives and speakers will be invited to share their insights in the respective fields.

For more information, please visit the InnoVEX official website at http://innovex.computex.biz.